GUI Change

What would be the main reason to add the word “free” to the Comodo Internet Security title on the new GUI with CIS 4 Beta? I would think anyone who installed CIS would know if they are using the free or pro version ???

Ditto! Lose the “Free”. :-TU

I agree - get rid of the “free” :-TU

I agree - pls remove the “free”

“free” smells like “limited version” :smiley:

we already know comodo gives us a beautiful applications for free :a0 :a0 :a0 :a0

Sounds good to me!

I don’t see why it matters that much.
Keep it or leave it, either way we’re getting a great product for free.

Well the vote so far is five for removing the “free” and one neutral :-TU
Chime in folks :wink:

Do you want to add an actual poll?

+1 to remove it.

+1 remove it.

I doubt you’ll find anyone who will vote for the GUI to say Free. ;D
I merely see it as a non-issue.

Right now it’s much more important to me that the Sandbox is implemented correctly and that all of the bugs are fixed. Also something really needs to be done about driver installation.

Sure why not ? Add some fun to the testing ;D

Great idea… :-TU

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Done. He who casts the first stone vote…

We even have faceless Freiza supporting the idea


I think it would be better without the word “Free”. Furthermore, from the Web or from the installer of the product already say it is “Free”. :wink:

It’s free, so what is the problem with it saying that it is? 88)

It’s free so whats the problem not saying that it is free 88)

I just don’t understand why it’s an issue…

Why is it so offensive? Do you really sit and stare at the GUI?

Why do you care if it says free? Are you afraid people will see it on your machine and think you’re a cheapskate or something?

This is just a complete non-issue. There are much more important concerns than a stupid word on the GUI.

As I’ve said before, I’m with HeffeD on this. To me it doesn’t really matter what it’s called as long as it is a quality product.

I would just like to see this much effort put into trying to get an option to install the Sandbox separately from the rest of the suite or one of several other very important issues.