GUI bug or problem?


Today I noticed the client window has these lettered buttons on there. They look out of place, it looks compromised.
The buttons aren’t clickable, and if I press said buttons when the window is active, nothing happens either.
I can’t find any information on whether this is a designed change in the design or not.
There is no option to turn this on or off within the program, as far as I can tell.

Is my system/security software compromised?

Check your Alt key, these are shortcut hotkeys that allow you to interact with the GUI without using a mouse. These hotkeys are displayed when you hold down the Alt key.

Hahaha! Oh man! ;D

Thank you.
I was alt-tabbing from a game to handle the firewall notification for it and it didn’t go real smooth, so that must have triggered it.
I’ve never seen that feature before, hence my caution. :slight_smile: