GUI bug list CIS v3.8 final

Just reposting issues from beta stage to make sure that someone will look into these. All issues are present in current final version. Original bug reports linked.

- ICMP messages are wrongly logged (Type Type insted of Type Code).

- Icons change randomly in Log Viewer while scrolling

- Edit button in Global Firewall Rules does NOT work.

- All branches are expanded and a view is changed when using Clear all logs option in Log viewer

- Log Viewer and CAV’s RMB scanning option use low quality icon what is noticeable on Windows 7

- Elements in Summary tab are wrongly displayed at 120 DPI

I found few more, but right now I do not have time to correctly report them. I’m going to update this list later.

Operating system: Windows 7 b7000 32bit
Other security software: none.

But since these are GUI issues most of them are present on Windows XP as well.

also, there is a typo in the new submission window title… it says “submiting” in stead of submitting :slight_smile: