GUI and Defense+ don't react for the first 4 minutes after computer start


after starting the computer (also from hibernation) very often the GUI cannot be opened and Defense+ doesn’t react within the first about 4 minutes. This includes the right click on the tray icon.

  1. If during this period Defense+ detects a not yet allowed request nothing happens: Defense+ doesn’t show up and the program waits - and waits - and waits. Whether the program gave up its request by itself or I closed the program, when Defense+ eventually “wakes up” minutes later, it shows the request - although the requesting program may have been closed minutes ago.

  2. If during this period I try to open the GUI and/or right-click the icon tray, again nothing happens - until minutes later the GUI and/or the context menu of the tray icon show up.

    • CPU: AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-52
    • Windows XP Media Edtion SP3
    • Actively-running security and utility applications: AVG Free 8.0, SBS&D TeaTimer
    • Defense+ mode: Safe Mode, Image Execution Control Level: Normal - Firewall+ mode: Custom Policy Mode, Alert Frequency Level: Very High
    • Using an Administrator account

Any idea what the cause may be?

Kind regards

Has nobody encountered this problem? On my system it happens about every other day.
Or did you think Comodo was frozen and you restarted your computer? That’s what I thought first until I waited for some time and was surprised that Comodo did “awake”.
No idea what the cause may be? Maybe someone of the Comodo-staff?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions and ideas.