Guess Who's Back

LOL…Miss me guys… ;D

Hey V!!!

With Comodo again? :smiley:


Well honestly I loved NIS 2009. But after seeing so many posts in the Symantec forums about " Hey I have a virus and Norton doesn’t detect it". That is an everyday occurrence. Also the first thing Symantec modders sat when somebody states they are infected is " Run SAS and MBAM". Thats a crock when you just spent $70 on NIS. I linked a lot of them in the Remove Malware forum. Also that forcing of the “AskTool bar” was over the edge. They lost thousands of people. I no longer felt like I could trust NIS 2009. Then some of my customers that I installed NIS 2009 where getting infected including my Aunt. I then tried KIS 2009 for awhile so give the new version a trial run but its the same old thing. Slow boot up. Slow pc and slow browsing. Also all my games would lock up. Then I went back to Avira with its new version 9 and was using Online Armor beside it. That was a very good set up but both my pc’s starting having random restarts. The new version is causing a lot of problems. Well if something pisses me off I don’t give it a chance I uninstall it. I am done paying for protection period. I lost $70 on NIS 2009. Look at my sig for my current set up. And yes I am a modder for Matt now.

I also might add that ALL versions of Online Armor ( and I have tried several) have the same “Welcome” screen delay. Mike and the OA team refuse to fix or address this issue going back to a year ago. Looking at your “welcome” screen for a good 10 seconds is uncalled for.

Interesting Story.

Congratulations on your Moderation Ship there! Well done! :slight_smile: How are you finding Comodo Firewall? If v3.8 is still a bit too “loud” You can try the new v3.9 beta version - SO MUCH QUIETER. Here is beta 3 of v3.9:

I am sure you will notice a difference.


WELCOME BACK ;D ;D And it’s not did we miss you It’s… did you miss us? Ha.

Nah - my aim is better than that, Vette! :wink:

Welcome back!

Ewen :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you again Vette.


Nice to see you again Vet ;), can I sujest you my security setup ?

  • Comodo Internet security (3.9) with AV disabled (back-up scanner)
  • avira as on-acces

Works great :wink:


Good to see you back Vette! :slight_smile:

No CIS for you? :o :wink:

yo vette! O0
wanna have some brute fighting? :-La

I read your posts Symantec and Kaspersky. Still the same story… ;D


Good to see your doing allright V how`s becoming a :P0l coming along?


p.s. Are you one of the lucky ones who got “gardening leave”

Welcome back, Vette.

Yes Welcome Back V :slight_smile:

Nice to see you back


Welcome back! :slight_smile:

lol, only moderators replying ??? 88)


(Shhh…everyone else is afraid. 88))

I like it that Vet tried out other things and returns here!

And the best thing is that I’m also using AntiVir+CIS as realtime protection and MBAM and SAS as manually scheduled scans. So I feel affirmed in what I’m using :-TU