Is Guard32.dll used by comodo only or is it used by other software if it is what is used by?

It is only used by Comodo.


Roadran322 is a student of GeekPolice Academy, a malware removal school. I am one of the admins there.

They are currently not allowed to ask for advice anywhere. It would be considered cheating.

No biggie, but just make sure roadran does not ask for anymore advice relating to learning at a removal school.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

His post count is still at 1… :slight_smile:

Good luck policing your pupils.

I just did a little look up of GeekPolice Academy. Are you a teacher there?

As I see it, he didn’t ask for advice, only for information.

Also, if an active member on here wanted to learn more and wished to enroll in your course, would the member be denied due to information gained already public on these Forums?

We certainly wouldn’t consider termination of the membership nor post banning while taking additional/advanced studies.

Yes, I am a teacher there.

Per the study of research, they are prompted to only research, not ask for help on their issues in the Academy. However, it is not a problem of him being a member here, I just wanted to comment on that.

I doubt we would deny the member, if they wanted to enroll in the course, after gaining information.

However, that file was part of an exercise, which is why I commented here.

Sorry DragonMasterJay I didn’t know I will follow the rules now :cry: