Guarantee outside of the U.S.

How come the guarantee doesn’t apply to people outside of the United States? ???

Probably because the warranty terms and conditions are based on US law and regulations and these are probably not applicable outside the USA.

Ewen :slight_smile:

So the guarantee is because of law, and not the goodness of their hearts?

Which world do you live?
Even the best product is bellow the law and need it to be released…

I don’t understand what you said. I’m in the UK though.

The warranty exists because of Comodo, not because of a legal requirement. It is limited to US residents because because that is the jurisdiction under which the warranty was created.

So there’s actually no way Comodo can say “for UK users, we will offer up to £750 compensation yada yada”, for example?

Probably they can do that for every country the problem is that in every country they they have to make sure that the warranty is according to the law, which takes time and money.

I don’t know, I don’t work for Comodo and I’m not a lawyer. :wink:

I imagine they could, but it could come down to a cost-benefit kinda thing.

Ewen :slight_smile:

we are expanding the Guarantee to be world wide.



Good news!

Hi Melih. That is very generous of you all. For the benefit of users this will effect, is there an est schedule time this will take place? Thanks.

already started. this is available for the paid versions though.

I understand for paid versions only. It is still a very nice offer to expand it World wide. Well done and thanks for the reply.

thank you.