GTX 295 won't fit motherboard

What’s the cheapest ASUS or Gigabyte motherboard that can fit an nVIDIA GTX 295?

My current motherboard can’t take the GTX 295, not because its got the wrong video slot but because several motherboard capacitors are in the way.

1.What kind of VGA slot do you have?
Do you use AGP slot?

2.What is your CPU?

3.What is your Power(W)?

GTX 295 has a single board with 2 GPUs-supports PCI-Express 2.0 x16,
Also it supports old PCI-e 1.0/1.1.

If you use Intel CPU that compitable with ‘GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L’ ,
‘GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L’ is best choice for you.
GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L: very stable and cheap.
(works fine with Windows 7, Vista, XP)
Officially, GIGABYTE provides Windows 7 drivers for this board.

Hi VGI, which chipset are you looking for. Also do you want for Intel or AMD?

that card is a big fat dual slot wonderful piece of graphics loveliness.

It’s a single slot with 2GPUs.

Well, will you look at that… Closer Look: The Video Card - Nvidia GTX 295 Review - Page 2 - Overclockers Club

Although there are some single slot versions around…

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That’s very old card.
2slot version was released last year.
Also it’s no more produced.
And no more selling.
We don’t need that card anymore.
Because, we can make quad GPU system with 2 cards.

Nvidia has recently rolled out a GTX295 with single PCB (maybe this is what Creasy meant; it looks like this: Mushkin GeForce GTX 295 Single PCB 1792 MB Review - The Card | TechPowerUp) but it is still a dual-slot design. I don’t know if there’s a GTX295 which occupies only one slot (even a water-cooled one).


Dual slot version had been stopped to produce at the beginning of this year.
And no more selling.
And then it has been produced with single slot version from JAN.2009.

It has only 1 slot.
It has only 1 PCB.
It has 2GPUs.

No.... It's a single slot with 2GPUs.

Just qualify you statements, then there’s no misunderstanding. ok?

This conversation, by the way is academic, we don’t, as yet know what VGI has.

You didn’t read my reply.
I already said

GTX 295 has a single board with 2 GPUs-supports PCI-Express 2.0 x16, Also it supports old PCI-e 1.0/1.1.

Please do not persist.
Your assertion is wrong.

No, you didn’t read mine :slight_smile:

Don’t you know what is PCB, Slot, Board in the VGA?
Why do you still persist?

Lol funny debate.

My answer: just buy a new computer.

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you’re both being childish, please behave…


Er…wow, I just went to bed after posting this and…ooooh, much debates we have huh in after just a few hours? :smiley:

In anycase, I appreciate all your enthusiastic replies. Here are the specs of my current setup according to cpuz.exe v1.49:

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz
motherboard: XFX: MG-63MI-7059 2.0

I believe that I have a PCI slot v1.0

When I my friend suggested me to get the GTX295, he told me I needed to get a better Power Supply Unit. Hence I also got a HEC Cougar 1Kwatts. I got that installed and when I moved on to install the video card (which looks more like a brick), I was glad that it would fit the slot…if not for the several motherboard capacitors in the way.

Now we are searching for a proper motherboard.

I hope that’s enough data.

HEC 1Kwatts is enough to use for GTX295.
But your problem is the postion of capacitors.
Your MB’s capacitors are located in little bit strange place. ;D(XFX OEM MB)
So, GA-G31M-ES2L(Gigabyte) is suitable for your situation.
There are some ASUS MB with g31 chipset.(cheap board has g31 chipset, you can disable on board VGA or
it’s disabled automatically if you install VGA).
But it’s unstable.
In case of g31 chipset MB, Gigabyte is better than ASUS.

What is your main purpose of using GTX295?

A lot really depends on how much you wish to spend and also how long you anticipate keeping it. I’d agree with Creasy the Gigabyte are good boards, I have several and have never had problems. However, I think buying a GA31 based board is buying old technology.

If you wish to give your self a something in the way of an upgrade path to faster memory you wouldn’t go far wrong if you looked at one or the P45 boards.

If you are in the US you can get a pretty good deal on the GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R

By the way, which GTX 250 do you have?

Thanks for the info, much obliged.
I have the GTX 295.

I know HEC 1kwatts is enough…actualy, its more than enough. 1 Kilowats…wow huh? What next? 1 Megawats? That would be like…a generator, right? :smiley:

My purpose of using GTX295 is…world domination. You know, today the best gaming experience. Tomorrow, the WORLD!!!

oops, my bad. Typos are a factor of old age :slight_smile:

Who is the card from, Asus, Gigabyte, MSi…?