Groups and Computer Security Policy

I’m fairly new to Comodo Internet Security so I hope this is not a dumb question. I have searched but could not find anything related…

My question is I’ve installed a program, for example FastCopy.
I’ve then created a new Group in Comodo and added all the appropriate files and folders to that group.
I then added the Group as part of the Computer Security Policy and assigned access rights through a Custom Policy.

Since FastCopy is part of a Group defined in the Computer Security Policy why does Defence+ give me a pop-up and create another entry in the Computer Security Policy when I try to use the program for the first time. If I delete the second entry, I get the pop-up etc again, if I leave it, it’s fine.
Comodo seems to be oblivious to the Group entry - WHY?

I’m using CIS 3.13.126709.581. It’s obviously not a train-smash, I’m just curious if its a bug.