Green Light in Icon stays on all the time

In using BOClean 4.25 a green light in the little icon-TV stays on all the time, it should go out?
In using the right click for the menu it opens a window but I am not able to use it nor to close the window again.

Thanks looking into this…


Hi m8.

CBOClean seems to be freezing with you. It could be that something went wrong during the installation.

  • Use the Task Manager to shut down the BOC425.EXE , deinstall CBOClean and reboot.

  • Shut down your network, virus scanner, firewall and any other realtime proctection stuff you have.

  • Install CBOClean and reboot.

  • Ofcource you should check your firewall, virus scanner etc. before you go online.

  • Check for defenition updates for CBOClean.

Normaly that should do the trick :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Are you using Comodo Memory Guardian? If yes, this is a known issue and will be fixed in the next BOClean version. Until then you need to uninstall Memory Guardian.

Thank you for your reply
Ok. nor sure what a Memmory Guardian is, or where it is to be activated or not.
I just downloaded the 4.25 version and installed it with all defaults.

Hello, Thank you for explanation. I did twice deinstall as you were saying, momentarily it is ok.
First time it came back with the same fault, even all points were executed as you advised.

Second time it is now holding even with several restarts…

Thank you! As the colleague, who answered as well pointed out, might be as well something else
like a bug…

I will let you both know when something happens again with it

I use both BOC & CMG with no problems at all.
Surely there must be a third program that is conflicting and causing this error?

I wanted you to try this first because for most people the fix works :slight_smile: However that is not always the case. There are some reported problems between CBOClean and CMG ( another Comodo security program currently in Beta ) and maybe NOD 32 too, although Tyler ( the developer of CMG ) discovered that it is a problem of CBOClean. We expect it will be fixed in the next version of CBOClean.

Please let us know if the fix works for you. And if not post a list with your security programs. Like MikeG says, we are curious which program can trigger this problem, and which not :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Perhaps the OP could list all the security programs, etc. that he has running on that machine.
There may be a common denominator with those who are having the same problem.

Hi all

At this end severe problems with BOC and CMG, installed CMG and rebooted, BOC screen green and running 99% cpu…uninstalled CMG all ok…just thought i would add this.

XPsp2, NOD32, BOC, SpywareDR, a2(on demand only)…i did notice that after CMG was uninstalled and reboot that S/D was running 90% + on cpu and massive sytem hangs untill rebooted again?Also NOD32 not behaving as normal on startup, maybe reds got a point, but i have never heard of NOD having compatibility problems with any other software?


Had the same behaviour and I don’t have (or ever had) NOD32 installed. So NOD is probably innocent. Or Avira’s AntiVir does something the same way NOD does.

I thought I would try and run only the new Comodo programs to protect my test machine. I am running:

CAVS 2 latest beta
CFP 3 latest beta
Comodo Memory Guardian latest beta
BOC 4.25

With this setup on Windows XP pro SP2 fully patched I do not experience any problems with BOC and CMG, except a massive amount of popups with CFP 3 BETA, which I think will be solved in later betas.

For what it’s worth , this has been reported before.
I had just the same problem , it worked fine for a couple of days then it would freeze up. I re-booted the system a couple of times it appeared to work and then would freeze up a day or so later.
What I have found that has worked for me is by removing the ‘automatic update’ and I just manually update each day. this has now worked for me for over 3 weeks without any freezing up of the icon. I would like to see the bug fixed though so that I can return to automatic updates.