Green border whilst web browsing

How do I get the green border to show when I run my chrome or firefox in sandboxed mode. Did Comodo remove this feature? This used to be a good indicator that I was browsing safer and now I see no way in the Comodo settings to get the green border to show. :frowning:

If this option has been removed then at least implement it again with an option to enable or disable.

You can find that setting at Containment Settings

[ ]Show highlight frame for contained applications

Show highlight frame for contained applications - If enabled, CIS displays a green border around the windows of programs that are running inside the container. (Default = Enabled)

I already have that box ticked but makes no difference.

I have compared the browsers launched sandboxed and non sandboxed and the border colour is the same. No green border. Comodo should check this out as likely a bug in the software. :frowning:

looks that way,
are there no green border on all sandboxed applications? or only no green border for web browsers?

you might want to go to:

and make a bug report and see what the devs say.

I have seen application launch with the green border when Comodo does the pop up that it contained the app, but application launched via the “run application in the container and create short cuts for them on the desktop” do not launch with green borders and neither do the web browsers launched from the Comodo desktop widget.

Tried the same on my machine, and it works like it should.

You can either send a bug report.

and maybe you will get a fix from the devs, so you can verify that it works, so it wont happend again.
you can extract your config and reinstall COMODO and see if the problem disappear.


Thank you.

Will try the config and reinstall when have time. :-TU