Green border for virtual browsing

I noticed when I start virtual browsing in Dragon, there is no green border in the newest version. Maybe I’m the only one, but I miss that green border - it assured me I was in the virtual browser. Can I get it back by copying over an older version, and then updating it? Or is there a way to turn it on? I didn’t see it in settings. Either getting the border or maybe turning some icon green or putting a green border around the tabs just at the top or at least using a green border around the address bar, so we know that present address is sand boxed…
I also miss the separate start icon for the virtual browser - can I still get that some way? I am working around it by moving the CIS box down to the bottom of the sceen, and using the Dragon icon there to start the browser in VM.

Thanks Comodo for making such a safe browser. I tend to surf a lot, and without it, I pick up a lot of spyware from the internet until my browsing slows to a crawl.

Well, Bitdefender seems to think some kind of virus got sandboxed, but I don’t have a way to clear the sandbox. So now everytime I start CD, I get a popup from my Bitdefender AV that a virus from has been detected. I tried uninstalling CD and reinstalling it, but still get the message.
It also seemed to affect the sound somehow. Seems to be perusing through other youtube videos I have been to, so I get oddball soundbites intermittently getting played even though I don’t have them open.
How can I clean the sandbox?

Thinking that file is a command script, I tried going to c:progdata/comodo/cis/tempdata and deleting the cmd file there, and restarting the computer but it is still doing it.

So now I am going to uninstall everything I can find including CIS