Greatings to Comodo Team

I want to thanks Comodo in helping me in cleaning my PC of virus infection for several weeks. I tried almost all anti virus scanner but they were not able to detect any one. Recently i install CIS and i am happy ,the virus has been detected and has been taken care of. The virus: TrojWare,java, Trojdownloader, causes my PC to crashed if you surfing Youtube or opening video file. Ones again, thank you very much Comodo for your great effort in helping many PC user solving virus infections for free.

Comodo New User

Thank you for posting here Poks and welcome to Comodo forums!

Unfortunately there is no AV product out there that can catch 100% of all malware. This is why we say, use Prevention as your first line of defense.

Anyway, I am glad we were of service to you!

thank you