Great product but fix the slow updates

I have been using the firewall for a long time and loved it. Was so happy to see the Anti-virus added to it that did not slow down my computer like AVG or Avast. Only problem so far is the updates. WAY too slow. Going to 30% and staying there forever, then on to another % to stay there forever and so forth until it’s finally done. It takes too long and is frustrating. Fix this and you will have the best product offered! Thanks so much for a wonderful product, please keep it free! ;D

Unfortunately it’s not so simple as an easy “fix” The updates them selves are very large, it’s being worked on to reduce size though, It will take awhile.

It might be usefull to add some indication of how big the download is rather than just the progress bar. Have to agree with OP and I’ve got a fast’ish connection but feel sorry for the dialup users.


The updater staying at 30% is seen on the initial AV update after installation.

I also noticed that updating the AV after not having used an installation for 5 days, which can happen with a triple boot systems like mine, it can make the first 5 minutes of booting Windows almost go on its knees. That happened on my XP installation that normally is very snappy and responsive.

The biggest problem for me is that it completely takes over the PC whilst doing the update - and I cannot do much else during that time!

Same thing happens for me too. PC is rendered useless for an hour or so during update (which I do once a week now).
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You only update once a week :o :o :o :o :o :o :o
Maybe it’s a good idea to use another Antivirus.

I, too, have the anti-virus shut my computer down to update. This is annoying since it is such a LONG update. This is also the reason I got rid of AVG, then Avast, because I got tired of them taking over my computer and I’m looking for something to run in the background like they are supposed to. This anti-virus does use less RAM when not updating than those other two, but like them, takes over the computer when updating. I liked the idea of having both firewall and anti-virus together and will hold off trying Avira and see if they will fix the update problem or not. I’m not sure why the updates must shut down the computer when you can update anything else and it does not do this? If the computer got locked down every time we downloaded something, how would we ever get anything done?

I agree in all parts:

every time I install your Software, the updates are horrible slow. Sometimes even updating the virus database stops all work on the PC for half an hour and longer.

I like your app and would like to buy the pro-Version for a bunch of customers of my company, but the slowlyness of the updates has to be fixed before!



I love Comodo. Always have. But the updates are indeed, slow. Just removed Norton 360 from other comp since it hogged so many resources (laptop.) Now i installed Comodo CIS into it, and the updating of virus database has taken about 30 mins. %? 30. I shall let it update for the night if i have to.
Otherwise, beautifull product. No system hogging at all (except few days ago when the AV updates made it take 99% ?).

I like Comodo too. The slow update is upsetting simply because I can’t see any progression bar. I have no idea how long the update is going to take. Also, here is a question. If for some reason my internet connection is terminated, do the update counters, or progression monitor, or what ever you want to call it, is it reset to zero? So that next time an update is ATTEMPTED I don’t start at the beginning again?
I use Fire fox with download add ons and the add ons allow me to pause a lengthy download, shut down my pc and then continue the lengthy download the next day. There is a progression bar on the screen too. Is there a reason Comodo cannot follow this system? Not criticizing or anything…

Hopefully the upcoming v4 will do better with the progress bar. There will be a new UI and lots of usability enhancements among other things. We are expecting the first beta late December.

I hope the newer version includes maybe a scheduler so we can decide what time to update ourselves and a pause button in case a long download is not convenient at the time it starts. Thanks!

Hi guys, i am new to this forum. I need help regarding updates in firewall.
I’m using this firewall for about a month but it cannot update itself. I tried manually updating but in vain it shows “ERROR 113:…” or something like that I have attached image to this post please see it.
it says ‘error in internet connection…’ but internet is running fine.

please help!!!
I’m not getting updates for 1 month.

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You cannot use 2 antivirus at the same time (AVG and Comodo) That is very likely why you are having troubles.

You DO NOT put your problems into someone’s thread that has NOTHING to do with the topic, get real!

COMODO, this is for you. – I am sick of your product hijacking my computer and taking me hostage. Either you add a pause button AND a scheduler for the updates, or I am getting rid of it and going back to one that does. At least I can have control of when I cannot use my computer, your product is ridiculous. I can be in the middle of something important, and have to wait 20 minutes for my computer to let let me out of the hostage hold before I can continue. THIS IS NOT GOOD!!! If all the other anti-virus products have this, why is it so hard for you? It never should have been released without it.

Hello to all

I am new to the forum although I have been using Comodo products for some time and appreciate the amount of control one has using the CFP firewall and the D+ defense. I am impressed with how this product performs although I must say that it is not the sa,e when talking about the Anti Virus side of the CIS package principally because of the eXtremely SLOOOOOWWWW definitions updates unlike other Av products I’ve tried and used. I hope that this problem can be corrected and that these updates can turn into incremental updates like the other AV products out there. If AV definition updates are within the norm I will decide to keep all the package of CIS. In consideration to another post placed here I realize that the fix is not an easy one to complete but do keep in mind that this problem is for me and maybe for many other users a make or break decision in the sense that if Comodo fixes things I stick with CIS otherwise I will go (not willingly though) elsewhere. You have an excellent team of programmers producing these products please please try to place just some of their talent in this area and I am sure that they will come through fine with a great solution.

Best regards,