Great problem: Comodo blocks email with attachment and ftp upload

My problems are:

  1. I can’t send email with attachment file with Thunderbird and by webmail.
  2. I can’t upload file with Filezilla.

I try to set Comodo in Allow all but this don’t resolve the problems.
I try to uninstall and to reinstall, but this don’t resolve the problems.
If I remove Comodo, I can send email and upload file to ftp site.

Please, help me!

CF doesn’t stop you from sending mail with Thunderbird/webmail.
I also upload FTP files without problems.
Did you install with auto?
Have you scanned for known applications? (security/task)
Do you have a router?
Have you changed any default settings?

I installed with automatic configuration
I haven’t a router but a modem adsl
I didn’t change any default settings. I left Comodo in Custom.

Have you scanned for known applications? (security/task)

What does the log say when you use Thunderbird?

I’ve scanned for know applications, but any it has changed.
I send a log file when I use Thunderbird.
I hope this file can help you.

[attachment deleted by admin]

How come I see that your emule is blocked? Can you post an image of your network monitor rules?

Hi Pandlouk,
I already wrote in Italian forum for this problem!,4426.0.html
I don’t install Emule in my pc. 4662-4672 ports that you wiev in log file are the ports of my mail server “LIBERO”.
I don’t modify any network rules.

Do you have a mailserver on another machine?
If that is the case, you may need to make IN rules in network monitor for those ports to get this working. You should also make a trusted zone.
First do the “define a new trusted network” in security/tasks, and see if it works.

If you have it on the same PC, you should check both “skip loopback… TCP/UDP” in security/advanced/misc.

How come then that you asked about emule on the italian forum Problema con Cerca su Emule

If you give us false information, then how do you expect us to give proper support? And say things at the italian forum like the following statement:

Anyway I wish you better luck with jetico which is also a great firewall :■■■■

ps. I’m going to lock all the 3 relative topics