Great Nephew's Birthday

Today is my Great Nephew’s 2nd Birthday. :BNC

Congratulations m8 :■■■■

Greetz, Red.

Thanks and I wished him a Happy Birthday.

Congratulations to your great nephew! :■■■■

(Don’t give him any ■■■■ ;D)

Congratulations to both! (:HUG)

you have a nephew already ? ;D i thought you’re still 15 ;D congrats.
2nd birthday huh? be careful :o don’t give him a pony 88) , i have a pink piggy doll :-* :-* and the box has a warning : CHOKING HAZARD, not suitable for children < 3 years old

Thanks and I’m his great uncle. He already has a pony My extra Sparkleworks that I got a my Local Goodwill and he loves it.