GREAT! Kaspersky moving to Default Deny

So yes, as you’ll figure easily – I strongly recommend Default Deny. It has been tested and praised by West Coast Labs, and Gartner regularly names the approach as the future of IT security.

Melih has been saying this for years. Why should someone else take credit for his concepts?

Comodo leads others follow :smiley:


Comodo is THE ONLY Default Deny architecture product out there for the masses! THE ONLY one since 2008!

As I always said, this is the way forward and people will follow!

Comodo are the Innovators.




And Comodo had made the default deny a lot easy for masses with CIS 6 (with default settings no popups at all except elevated rights popup, kind of automatic)

Now Kaspersky following Comodo, lets see if they follow Comodo with the features too :smiley:

Sooner or later the rest will follow too…

I don’t think they will. It will take a long time. Even if they do one day it’s just gonna be a copy cat version with no experience in such protection.

One point I can’t get over:

"Returning to Default Deny. It would seem at first that it’s a matter of take it, use it, and enjoy it. But in reality the situation is not quite so straightforward. No matter how much I talk to our sales guys and clients, the public at large is prejudiced against this technology – as with all things new. "

He is the CEO. Some weak leadership in the Kaspersky. Public don’t care as long as it protects you better. You need to push this “new things” so the public get used to it.

Comodo: Over 25 million installations of Comodo PC security software. It speaks for itself.

Kaspersky is a great AV but works with Iran. Iran is under numerous sanctions. I wonder why the U.S administration is not blocking Kaspersky since they are explicitly working with Iran. If we bring this case up, perhaps other AV’s can fight it out for their share in the market >:-D

It even works to find out US cyberweapons for the Russians.

Russia always supported Iran weapon wise and technology. These days relationship is more tricky but still. They can’t block Kaspersky it’s Russian. So Russia will back it up. Russia and US stepping up the cyber war games now.

Guys, let’s keep politics off the forums please, it has no place here. Thanks.

Yeah, but I hate that they take the credit for INNOVATION AND REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY, when COMODO has all this since 1998! (2008 for CIS).

When I said “GREAT” in the title of this topic, its because I mean that I’m happy since everybody else will follow COMODO And this of course will push COMODO even further to keep the revolution going with new technologies and more innovations. Of course, its not that COMODO needs to be pushed, it just will make it happen faster. :wink:

Okay. :a0

«Kaspersky Lab - a private company …
Furthermore, our holding company registered in the UK. This was done by chance: Her Majesty’s transparency laws that are respected around the world, has provided a guarantee of our financial purity, which largely contributed to our effective way to western markets.»

«Лаборатория Касперского» – частная компания…
При этом наша холдинговая компания зарегистрирована в Великобритании. Сделано это было неслучайно: прозрачность законов Ее Величества, которые уважаются по всему миру, обеспечила гарантию нашей финансовой чистоты, что во многом способствовало нашему эффективному выходу на западные рынки.»

(c) E.Kaspersky, Kaspersky Blog

«The Telegraph»

E.Kaspersky <~ no politics, just business, only trade, only showboat - only money !!!

:smiley: where does Iran and Russian technology ? ? ? ? ?

Don’t be so naive. Kaspersky have direct ties with FSB. FSB = Russian government. When I talked about Iran I talked in general. Just needed to clear few things Kail. :-X

:smiley: Eugene «Indiana» Jones-Kaspersky, Flame and Russian counter-intelligence

Gentleman, that is enough please! The subject of this topic is stated, stick to it… or else. >:(

How, I all say. (Хау, я всё сказал.)

Let me put it another way: This topic is about Kaspersky Lab’s new Default Deny thingy, nothing else.

Simple. No?


… I’ve no idea what Wes Studi’s character Magua has to do with anything… but, it must be tenuous in the extreme. You may enlighten me by PM if you wish. :slight_smile:

they can’t take the title…its there in black and white…Comodo is the first company who made Default Deny a consumer product! Any uneducated person has plenty resources on internet to be educated from.