Great Firewall

Because I got a new PC, and because ZA gave me too much “issues” lately on my old one, I decided to give CF a chance :wink: And so far I don’t regret it :slight_smile: But what I ask myself is : How long will it be free ??? Because the Lifetime Licence is in fact only an Instalation Licence :-\ I hope it will stay free at least for home users ;D

Greetz, Red.


It is free forever for home and business users. Comodo make their revenue from selling SSL certificates so can provide these applications for free. The registration is only to give Comodo an idea of how many people are downloading and registering the products.

Once you’re registered the licence will never expire.


Nice to hear that ;D

Greetz, Red.


One of the “issues” with ZA was a bug when you use Torpark :frowning: I am glad, and can confirm, that CF has no problem what so ever with Torpark :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Hey Rednose, Welcome to the Comodo family! (:HUG)

I’ve been using CPF for over a month with no complaints what so ever. If you need any help just ask on these forums, There’s a BUNCH of people here that really know what they’re talking about (this doesn’t include me as I’m still learning) Even the CEO jumps in to help whenever he can!

Again welcome!!