Great firewall, confusing interface

Every time I want to go look for what each individual program’s firewall setting is (or any other setting), I have to hunt through most of the interface because it doesn’t use the same standard naming conventions as every other firewall program. The firewall is great, but the options aren’t where I ever think they would be.

You give two choices? :-\

I couldn’t think of anything else to add for choices… What else would you want to see on there? I could add more choices, but they’d still be of this variety:
Should the option names be changed? Yes/no/Somewhat (still means Yes).

Even if someone says: “It’s somewhat okay, but would still be nice if they changed certain things,” that’s still a “Yes, it would be nice if it were changed.”

The layout is fine, it’s just the naming convention I find confusing.

I don’t know, it is kind of a broad question isn’t it? I like it in some ways but I personally like the PC Tools GUI the most. :o ;D

Yeah, it’s a pretty broad question… :slight_smile:
I like the old ZoneAlarm (from 5+ years ago) interface. F-Secure 2010’s interface is quite obvious too, which is what I’m using now, since it has Win7 x64 support - their 2009 version didn’t. PC Tools is also good, but as a firewall it is too spammy for my tastes.

My intention for this poll, is just to see how many people find it confusing compared to other firewall programs, so that the folks at Comodo might investigate a more obvious naming scheme by looking at the other main firewalls. I suppose I could compile a list of things myself and put that here, but that would take time that I don’t feel I should spend on this, since I’m not employed by the developer.

One thing I will say though:
Application Rules should be called Application Rules. I seem to recall them not being called anything remotely similar to that in the Comodo firewall, but I don’t have it installed anymore, so I couldn’t say what it was for sure, now. I also remember wading through every tab to find them, since none of the tabs indicated anything to do with them.

Application Rules…

My point exactly. I had found it before, it just took awhile to find.

The “Application Rules” are labeled “Computer Security Policy”.

What would you call the Application Rules in the Firewall section?

That last link is exactly what every other firewall calls “Application Rules” or “Application Control”, or at the very least “Applications”. I guess I was then incorrect in thinking it was called “Computer Security Policy”, but do you see what I mean?

It had been awhile (about a month) since I had used Comodo, so that’s what I thought the first link you posted was supposed to be.

I couldn’t find a similar style of page for FSecure, so I took some screenshots.

Most firewalls I’ve seen are organized in a similar fashion.

The first Link I posted (Computer Security Policy), is part of the ‘DEFENSE+’ Section (it has nothing to do with the Firewall).

The second Link I posted (Network Security Policy), is part of the ‘FIREWALL’ Section.

Defense+ is the HIPS part of CIS (Host Intrusion Prevention System). Basically, it allows you to prevent Malware from doing anything, even if it wasn’t detected by Antivirus or Antimalware software.

I made a post a while back explaining the basics of how Defense+ works, in an easy to understand kinda’ way. Have a read of it if you like…

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Thanks for the info!

I’d still prefer a differently labelled interface, though.

The “Night club/Def +” explanation was great, maybe it should be posted out front in the forum so everyone can find it! :slight_smile: