Great firewall but....

First, I do like comodo alot. But there are a couple of things I could use some advice about.

Most importantly, my systemidleprocess keeps using 100% CPU and it seems to have started
around the time I started using comodo. Now I also use avast AV. Could this be a side effect
of the conflict between comodo and avast that I’ve read about?

And most annoyingly…
Comodo is somehow disabling my keyboard! I usualy notice it when I go to type in a URL. It won’t work in any program until i exit comodo completly. And sometimes it will start again as soon as I start comodo up again.

Hi Rubicon13, welcome to the forums.

That is OK. The Idle process just consumes unused CPU cycles… that’s what it does on Windows. Maybe you’re not used to seeing this process at the top of the list because whatever you were running previously was always top. It’s a very good thing, be happy.

Thanks for the quick help. I guess I just never noticed that about systemidleprocess before.

Has anyone else experienced the problem with the keyboard?

I’m not aware of any keyboard problem, what is the nature of your keyboard problem?

Well, when comodo is running the keybord will spontaniously stop working. No keystrokes will show up in my browser or .txt files or anything else I try to type in. The problem stops when when I close comodo and sometimes starts again as soon as comodo is started. Now it hasn’t happened since I posted, but since I seems to happen at random I couldn’t say for sure that the problem is gone. I wouldn’t normaly suspect a firewall for a problem like this, except for the fact that is goes away when I end Comodo. There is also a less common problem in which I cannot highlight text
with the mouse. But I have no idea if that is related to Comodo.

I don’t think CFP could do this, as it doesn’t monitor or interfere with keyboard/mouse IO. What AntiVirus are you using? Also are you using any special keyboard software (some keyboards have extra buttons & require special software/drivers to support them)?

I use Avast. Which I know has problems with CPF. Maybe Avast malfunctions only when CPF is active, hence the problems? I did read here that uninstalling both progs then reinstalling CPF first then reinstaling Avast can fix any problems. But I would have to download them both again.
(with a 56k, you know how it is)

And it is a standard windows keyboard. I did try to update the drivers already though. It seems like the windows driver updater just searches the host computer for updates. Is that true? And if so then where could I find new drivers for a standard keyboard online?

I’m not aware of any conflict between CFP & Avast of this nature. The noted CFP/Avast conflict is a browser download issue, nothing to do with the keyboard. I asked which AV you had, not because of a possible conflict… it was more to do with if you were protected from a key-logger.

Windows Driver update? Yes, that is just about what it does. Although I doubt your keyboard driver is out-of-date or anything like that.

Is your keyboard/mouse USB? When the keyboard stops responding, do the missing characters eventually appear or are they lost? Has CFP prompted for anything odd that you didn’t recognise?

I know exactly what you mean using 56K, as I use it as well.

Hi , while I feel your pain with 56k, when I had it “and this is just advice, nothing more” I always backed anything up that I downloaded onto disk or my hard drive immediately in fear I would have to re-download. You didn’t delete Avast’s and Comodo’s set up files did you?



I’m gonna run TrojanHunter and AVG antispyware to check for anything suspicious. Unfortunately I don’t have a rootkit detector I don’t plan on getting ANOTHER security program.

One thing I forgot to mention is that when the keyboard problem happens windows will beep whenever I hit a key (from the normal speakers, not the system speaker that beeps when you push too many keys at once). It still hasn’t happened again. In total I’d say it has happened 3-5 times overall.

And on the subject of 56k’s: I would kill for broadband in my area. It is so tantalizingly close too.
There is DSL just 3-4 miles away. Cable in the next town. And there are three wireless broadband providers within a 15-25 minute drive from me! I’m looking into satelite, but they are sometimes as slow as dialup, and the prices are absolutely REDICULOUS! $70/month + $400 in equipment AND mandatory service contracts…

If anyone here works for AT&T, I’ll give you my first born if you run some fiber optics out here.
Seriously, I’ll even let you name him.

The bleeping sound does indeed come from the PC speaker. It is indicating that the keyboard buffer is full & cannot accept any more keystrokes. This usually happens when the system hangs. But, what happens before that? Do the keystrokes entered (without any bleeps) eventually show up or are they lost? Does pulling the plug out of the modem restore the keyboard? Is the desktop/taskbar still responsive to the mouse in this bleeping state?

On the MS TechNet: Sysinternals web site; in the Security Utilities section, there is a free (and ■■■■ good!, found one on my better-halfs’ system) RootkitRevealer.

As a matter of fact there are some really good free utilities there. The entire suite (minus some stuff you don’t need) can be found here;

Though the BSOD Screen saver is cool, it’s not in the collection, you have to look in Miscellaneous Utilities.