Great Firewall Bad Support

Comodo Firewall is by far the best firewall out but the help files are greatly lacking in information and the support is not the best. I have a lot of queries and have tried asking but there seems to be a grey area concerning how the firewall actually works i.e. application rules and security policies are lacking. I take it that because this firewall does so much there is obviously far too much to go into. <<< this is not sarcasm by the way just that Comodo is such a deep firewall (which is good) that there will be too much to go into.


I’m sorry to hear you haven’t found the answers to your questions, as there is a wealth of information regarding these two areas, in both help and here on the forums.

Just to clarify the issue slightly, Application and Global Rules are part of the firewall architecture and Computer Security Policy comes under the province of Defence+. There is, however, significant integration between the two areas.

Perhaps the best solution, would be for you to post your specific queries in the appropriate board.

Thanks for the feedback.