Great Browser But A Couple Of Issues

o.k. long story short a while back i switched from firefox to chrome cause ff became something i no longer liked. on 12202016 i found icedragon and love it. to save time on setup i used hekisoft to backup my roommates firefox and restore that to icedragon. for the most part worked like a charm. but i have run into going to a site and the background page is black when it should be white. i have another site when i go to login icedragon opens 3 redirects plus the login page. in chrome i’m use to that site opening a redirect page along with it’s login page but not 3 of them. if anyone uses hekisoft or is willing to install it i’m willing to upload a copy of my current icedragon backup for someone to go through it to see what might be causing the problems. any help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

I don’t know about that. :-\

FF based browsers run with discrete profiles that are particular to different systems and add-ons - extensions - and plugins. If any one is wacked, it can cause conflicts with others, and moreover, some can become incompatible with the version of the browser.

The best browser profile backup utility I know - bar none - is FEBE; it backs up everything associated with any arbitrary profile from within which it is executed; it is stateful, i.e., restoring any arbitrary backup will restore your session exactly to the state it was in, e.g., if you had 970 tabs with 57 pages of histor for each: that’s what gets restored.

:-La Maker sure that you backup a copy of FEBE as a stand-alone for each FEBE backup you make; FEBE is an extension that has updates and there may arise a circumstance where the current version of FEBE won’t restore the version of the backup you have. >:-D

FEBE is great to port your wholly customized profile of FF based browser onto another machine.

The foregoing notwithstanding, perhaps you could share the URL at issue, so somebody can see what occurs with CID. :-La My thinking is your issue has to do with a browser configuration aspect; FF browsers can be configured to open new tabs, same tab, new window entirely, et ali. My CID is tweaked to the gills; I don’t tolerant errant / deviant / non-classical behavior.

:-La The other thing I can think of is: scripts. >:-D

ALL scripts should be disabled unless you need them on any arbitrary page. Then - depending - make the enable permanent globally, or particular to THAT web-page only (same script denied by default when encountered at ALL other web-pages).

You know how you do that? You install the NoScript extension and tweak it to the gills; its >:-D 8) how you can allow specific scripts to run on only specific web-sites for ONLY the stuff you ALWAYS need on THAT web-page. For the rest of the stuff you only need on occassion, you enable ONLY the specific scripts you need to enable the function you need temporarily.

Its all good. 8)

here’s the link

i’ll try noscript. i actually forgot all about it. i went to chrome from cyberfox after a few this mozilla did to firefox that i didn’t like. now i’m setting up both a new cyberfox from scratch and cid using my roommates backup for his cyberfox. thanks for the help and the suggestion, and above all else happy holidays.