GRC leaktest

Testing the GRC leaktest with firewall disabled, defense+ shows a pop-up that it could not sandbox all components and ultimately failed the test.

Will the sandbox contain this in the upcoming version 5?


you know, that a leak test is for testing a firewall?

yes, I’m well aware of that.
The sandbox did try to intercept the program, just couldn’ contain all parts of it.

Again, will the version 5 sandbox do a better job?


what job should the sandbox do better?
if you disable the firewall, a leak test will never been passed…

you are running a firewall with OUTboundprotection because you want to avoid a leak(test) to send data from your pc. not like windows firewall with only INboundprotection.
and you are running a sandbox (usually) to protect your pc from permanent installation of bad software.
that are two totally different ways of acting.
the sandbox allows the leaktest exe to run inside a sandbox. there it does its function of testing your (disabled) firewall.
what sense would a sandbox make, that would forbid programs to run inside?

grc leaktest for firewalls.

It is not the function of a sandbox (regardless of what brand it is - Comodo or otherwise) to prevent data leakage. A sandbox virtualizes all or part of a system to prevent infection outside of the sandboxed perimeter.

The GRC leaktest specifically test whether your firewall can prevent data leaking outside of your system. It does not and cannot test whether your HIPS or AV can prevent it functioning.

A leaktest (regardless of whether it’s the GRC one, the Comodo one or the ooh-look-its-shiny one)
is designed to only test whether the currently installed firewall can prevent the leaktest from leaking data past the firewall.

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Got it 8)

Thanks guys