GRC leak test failure

Comodo firewall did great and stealthed all my Ports. How ever computer fails Ping Test. As was suggested in the forum i contacted Verizon DSL technical support via online chat, and they said don’t worry about it, and there’s nothing to be done as for configuring the modem, and after a remote look at my pc, said it is very secure.
From reading the forum some one mentioned some thing about configuring Network Security Policy, that there would be a way to fix the Ping problem!! Have read many, many things in the forum and Comodo help files, and i don’t get the picture! :THNK
So would any one be kind and step by step show the way to configure against Ping probes? I would appreciate it. Also if it can not be done, other than to buy some some security router (which i won’t do because nothing that important happens here), tell me that?

Thank you! (:NRD)

GRC puts entirely too much emphasis on the “security hazards” of responding to pings.

Don’t worry if your router is getting pinged. If anything gets past your router, then CIS will jump in and block any intrusion attempts.

Thank you.
Was very glad to see Comodo worked so well! And learned not to worry about Pings