GRC File Sharing test

Latest release of comodo firewall. Xp Sp2.

The test is passed for everything but:
Your Computer’s Name
Your Workgroup
The Media Access Control (MAC) address of the network interface card in your computer can be easily read by any computer or web server on the Internet.

Mac Address apart, all standard ports and service ports are closed. Netbios is disabled and 139 closed.
How to avoid pc name and lan name to be red?

And worse yet, how to avoid the mac address to be available from outside?! ???

No solution?
If anyone is interested, the test is here (Shieldup, File Sharing)

Direct link

With a router with firewall the problem shouldn’t exist, but with some router, and with every modem YES.

At the moment the poor solutions are:
Stopping XP Workastation service (but if you need a M$ LAN is not suggested ^_^). This is the main cause of computer name and workgroup leak.

For the mac address, the only solution I’ve found is using a mac address changer. Obviously it would be better to hide it. Will Comodo do it in the future? 88)

to get MAC ID of a nic from internet, i don’t know a lot of possibilities.
the machine got some trojan so u can access it,
some people using WEP crypting for WIFI, then u allow the distant control of the modem when u’re not near the wifi modem.
some ISP modems got specific login and password to acces all options of the modem, so people use it and then u can see that distant access is allowed by default using this specific login and password so u can access their modem
using their ip with port 8080 and if they didnt change their password u can access them using admin/password as log and pass…yep, that’s incredible but true, cause i recently get a second ISP by cable, 10 times faster than my 8Mbits adsl connexion, and after entering this specific login and password, that must be used by ISP to access our modem, the distant access is enable on port 8080 and i can tell there’s a lot of people that just don’t change their password, so anyone can access the modem easely…
except that i dont know how it can be possible to get a MAC ID from internet…
your machine must be corrupted or u use WEP encryption. or netbios is enable…
and if u use comodo, i’m not sure that even with netbios enable, it will allow acess from WAN ip to your lan by netbios service.
maybe someone can clarify this point.
but i remember when i tried netbios, comodo FW alerted me about any connexion on those ports 137 138 139, LAN or WAN, but as i got a router those ports are not forwarded so no incoming packets are routed, now there’s a possibility to answer some request on some destination port 53, i’m not sure at all.
anyway i never used netbios, got specific service to share files on my LAN using some simple and great HTTP server named HFS u can start and stop by closing HFS or switch off the access.
i closed most MS services ports except this port 135 that can be disabled by modify some regkey enableDCOM…
but to get a mac adress from internet, i can’t say it’s impossible but it needs certainly some network master to succeed this thing that is normally impossible except by lan access.
but who knows…
for me i doubt that someone can get my MAC nics from internet…except by ways I wrote in my post.
but for now, nobody seriously showed that he was able to ■■■■■ WPA on wifi, as it seems the only possibility is using brute force to find the key, so by this way, it’s just impossible with some suite of characters that would need centuries with our actual machines, even the most powerfull octo cpu system.
now with the IBM roadrunner supercomputer… :wink: