Grandparents on Computer's (uh-oh)


My Grandma said we dont need a firewall and all that stuff, I’m like Grandma WE DO NEED A FIREWALL, she said I cant do nothing for Space Control(self Storage Program) It won’t connect so i went on the computer and I at the Application List and it said Space Control was blocked and I put it on allow and I told her you have to read before Clicking Deny or Allow, and she said oh I’m sorry and the next week something happen but this time The Firewall was on Block All Acces, And she didnt know how to change it (she turned it there) so she took it off the Comodo Firewall and BOClean and Avast Antivirus also the Spyware Terminator, (P.S She had to get help from someone in California to uninstall it) I came Home and Check up on the computer and I see nothing was there Not one thing and I restarted it just because rarely it happens like that when I did It didnt boot up it said Network Error…so I boot it up in safe mode and Fixed that problem then restarted it in the reg. mode. Then I tried to go to And it start Showing pop ups and porn, and lol It was opening and closing Folders Like crazy I talked to my Grandma and she said I had to it wouldnt me to do anything on it and I was like Was the Icon red and she said Yes but she didnt know what that ment So I created an Adminstrator Account so I control The Securitty Software and all the Stuff that I should of done long time ago, I installed Comodo Firewall and BOClean and Avast Antivirus also the Spyware Terminator back on and restarted i put in lockdown and scanned the computer, and it found 32 Viruses 45 Spyware and I think 47 Trojans, and I saved that I screen shot it but I’m trying to black out all the Program we use on the computer For Privacy ) so what do you think

I also want a Different Level for the Firewall to have a option where it’s beginners Moderate and Advance users settings, and password to open application

and uhhh (R) (:WAV)

Now that computer was seriously infected. How did that happen? Does your grandmother visit a lot of porn sites? :wink:

CPF already has different “levels”, to some extend. Did you switch the Alert Frequency Level to Low or even Very Low and did you also use “Scan for known applications”?
All this may not be perfect, but it will definitely make things as easy as possible.

No She doesnt watch porn but i do think taht her co worker does though,
I did Put it to very low but i didnt use SCAN FOR KNOWN APPLICATIONS no i didnt do that,