Grammatical Error in D+ Alert About Accessing Memory

Maybe has been reported before, but whatever. 88)

CIS 4.0.141842.828. Windows 7 32-bit.

Problem: Alert about one process accessing another’s memory has a grammatical error.

[Process 1] is trying to access [Process 2] the memory.

If you can’t see the error…don’t say anything. 88)

Maybe should be:

[Process 1] is trying to access [Process 2] [u]in[/u] memory.

For the visualizers out there, here is an image. :slight_smile:

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You will get better chances for this small typo to be fixed for all languages it applies to if you post it in the following thread.
COMODO - CIS 4.0.x Localizations

Btw, the typo is in the file:


and the string is: