Grafic Interface Poblems

I have a very big problem and I don’t know where I can get an answer so I just put it in here.
First of all I’m really sorry for my bad english but i’m german and english is my second language.
My problem is realy annoying. If i open a document in google docs little icons appear everywhere on the screen. It is just impossible to work in it. Everytime it updates or you click something they appear. Also in youtube I found some bugs. If I move the cursor above the video the video moves a bit to the side and jumps back again. There are some other bugs with some boxes where you can write something in. There is a blank sheet above it so you cant figure out what you just wrote.
This only appears in Comodo Dragon. I have testet it in Firefox and the google document has no weired icons. The same is in youtube. Everything is fine.
I don’t know how to fix it, if its a problem with my laptop or a problem with Comodo Dragon.
If anyone has an idea please let me know it.
Best greets