"Grab Bag Mix & Match Combo App Popups"


Often times between reboots, Comodo is producing mix & match popups that have 2 apps combined on a single popup that don’t make any sense & should not be related to one another in anyway. The apps on the popup will already have a thorough set of proper rules in place & should not be requiring a new popup. This isn’t happening with any 2 particular apps, Comodo finds a way to mix & match just about any & all of my apps on a daily basis. One thing that might be consistent is that it seems like it will focus on one app at time & combine it to anything & everything else that is totally unrelated, but it switches this process around a lot & really mixes it up so it seems to be randomly combining every app possible as the days go by… When I reboot, the problem is temporarily cleared up, but the thing is, I don’t always want to have to reboot during this time & I also don’t want to make permanent new rules for the strange combination popups. Besides, there seems to be no end to the creativity involved in the mix & match process & therefor making permanent new rules would never be concluded.

Being that a reboot clears the problem up everytime, it obviously must be creating these seemingly nonsensical combo popups from memory having to do with what has been run or active during the current logon session etc. But again, the way it’s combining the apps on the popup is not logical or sensible even if there is somehow some miniscule network relation between the 2 apps that are being combined, it is not apparent or sensible enough to permanently apply new rules everytime it does this, & it’s becoming rather tedious. Other firewalls that I am currently testing do not display this behavior, so it must be something particular to the mechanics of Comodo. Is there any setting or anyway to alleviate these strange combo popups without reducing security against leaks & such?


I’ve seen this behavior as well. Randomly and it 9/10 times has something to do with an OLE thing combination e.g. Total Commander and whatever app wants to get to The Internet. I’ve also seen that some apps that have sufficient rules set up show the parent, while the setting is “skip parent”. This comes around when I start an application from RKLauncher e.g. Opera and Opera is set up to skip the parent.

What helps as well is to turn down CPF and then restart it. This seems to resolve this matter as well.

I’ve also noticed it often times seems to be a seemingly “incorrect” OLE popup, however, it seems to be doing other types of popups as well, for me anyway, but probably more than half are OLE. I think they might be looking into this situation as it has been reported on the forums & through email support in several different discriptions. I’ve found several posts that all seem to be this same issue, just worded so differently that it’s difficult to recognize them as being the same. In the meantime I’ll try restarting Comodo alone rather than rebooting next time & see how that goes, definitely a quicker solution than rebooting everytime.


Hmm, Comodo won’t restart properly for me without doing a full reboot, it gets kind of partially started back up but with errors & lacking basic protection… oh well.

I never had that problem. Sounds like something is not right with your installation. I can stop and start CPF whenever I want. Did you try a re-install to be sure?