GPU accelator

Hey all :slight_smile:

I would like to see CIS beeing able to take advantage of the gpu (ATI/Nvida/intel); this way a slow computer will not use 100% of the cpu or so and the user will be able to do his/her thing without noticing slowdowns, unless his/she is playing.

Before I forget, It’s possible to achieve such thing; ATI has their Stream SKD and Nvida Cuda.

if comodo can accomplish this they will be the first AV to use the gpu instead of the cpu and new innovative technology will appear.

What do you think?

Valentin N

But, my understanding, this is for graphics, and Comodo uses very little graphics as is.

May be it could off load some scanning activity to the GPU. Preferably using an open standard: Open CL.

OpenGL is still graphics.
CUDA is propriatary, not available with ATI.
OpenCL still requires CUDA.

of what I see some of ATI supports OpenCL (to be exact v1.1). What’s with Direct computing11

Valentin N

By the way, what do you want CIS to do with a graphic accelerator?

Something like this?

I think this would be a waste of development time and does not address the real problem. What could be advantageous is a better method of doing things (such as DB updating) or a lower priority process.

Using GPU can take off the load from the CPU but according to egemen CPU usage is not the bottleneck. He was asked why CIS did not use more than one core of a CPU and he said that hard drive is the bottleneck.

In short. The advantages may not be too big when using GPU alongside CPU.

The gpu, to put it simple, is like a super computer in compact form. The advantage for CIS gpu would make the cpu use lower and the scanner would also be faster. This would great for netbooks and notebooks with nvida/ati and imagine if you have SSD.

The big advantage is that gpu is used not cpu.

Any tip how to solve this bottleneck?

Well… it’s a problem that the cpu is almost at full use (80-100% on a dual core cpu) which makes even browsing difficult. I see nothing wrong when the whole computer is in use. Giving a application lower priority won’t help or make other work smoother; this is not like foldinghome application or worldcommunitygrid that allows the user make the wanted application to have lower/higher priority. (I haven’t managed to lower it)

Valentin N

I do not know that GPU processing power can be used for non graphical purposes…

Can you please explain a bit in depth?

How CIS uses CUDA, whether it uses it for realtime scanning or archive unpacking???

GPUs are (highly) specilalised processors. The sort of calculations requested by the scanner must be a close enough fit to the specialisation to take advantage of it.

As to the bottleneck. Moving from mechanical hard drives to SSDs would be a step. Or use a RAID setup with striping with mechanical hard drives for more speed.

I know it’s specific but with Stream technology (amd/ati) and cuda, the gpu will be able to compute more than only graphics.

I know that he has said that, but I’ve done tests myself with Avira which can take advantage of multiple cores, and enabling multiple core support can shave 20-30 minutes off my scan time. That’s quite a savings if you ask me. :slight_smile:

Does CIS use only One Core ? I did not observe it…

if you have dual core it will use both of them (at least from my experience)

I have a Quad Core CPU…

It must be using all the four cores, I never observed in particular.

Yes, CIS only utilizes a single core.

CIS architecture was constructed just to use one core.

i think comodo should utilize all cores of the cpu first before they even think about using the gpu, if its even possible.