Got lost installing new Avira 9 with D+.....

Using the default settings for Comodo firewall and D+. Before I install it on another machine. I seriously got lost with the pop ups. Even switching on over to install mode. I noticed Avira saying every thing should be shut down with no apps running. Would it be wise and easier just to shut down Comodo and then install Avira? Would I get bombarded with pop ups by D+ when it starts running again for the first time since it is a new version?

When installing new software, on the first popup you should tell it to treat the application as an installer. Then another window will popup asking if you want to enter installation mode, click yes.

If you are worried that there will be a lot of popups when first running the program, switch D+ to training mode. Just remember to switch back to your previous mode after the application is up and running.