got hit by tazebama

i got hit by a tazebama. i tried installing several popular antivirus and antimalware but none of them even got to install. luckily, comodo did work. i ran CIS and it did detected all the trojans and worms in my pc. some of them will be deleted after i reboot, and that’s what i did. after the reboot,my pc still has the tazebama.

how will i remove this malware? need help pls.

Hey there, I would like to do a sujestion.

I won’t give any remote support as I would like you to go into safe mode. Please follow these steps (you can copy them to your computer if you like)

  1. download malwarebytes antimalware
    also Superantispyware
  2. install them and update to the latest definitions.
  3. boot into safe mode (how to boot into safe mode ?)
  4. Let the programs scan (one by one) and remove the threads they find.
  5. Download and install Hijackthis. Afterwards, do a system scan and safe a log file. A text file will open in notepad, safe this one and later upload it together with your post.

  1. post back if you see any other notice of the malware and you Hijackthis log

Good luck,


ok, hold on

I will :wink:


hey xan,

the malwarebytes is taking alot of time to scan… what will i do after instruction #6.?

Simply post back the Hijackthis log and if you think/know that you’re still infected, then we’ll see if you will need any further help or not :wink:


ok then, i’ll be going to work now, be back after 6 hrs. hoping you’ll still be here to help me ;D

then it would be midnight here, so I’ll be sleeping, but I’ll help you tomorrow morning before school again :wink: