got hacked [Resolved]

I thought this product is protecting me I really need your help now I got hacked yesterday by an unknown person first this person hacked my homepage then that person shows me my system details and so so so please how is it possible that the hacker got through the firewall without me noticing it???

now I really need answers please

Are u running a web server in your computer??? what kind of server are u running if apply?

my homepage ist [ at ] through that i got hacked by the person but i dont understand how the perosn could hack me through it

hmmm… i need more information, I asked, are you running that page? if not, somebody has your login information for that social page, anyway…just give me more info so i can help you…

yes I am running that page and yes one person does have my passwort and yes that person told me she knows who did it but does nit wanna tell me who it is !! And she also told me that the freidn of the person who knows my passwort did hack me just now so what shell I do about it.???

also that person hacked my computer and gave information such as: my OS, IP number and some other things I dont understand on my guestbook when I got hacked the firewall never showed up

don’t worry nobody have hacked you, just change the password to a stronger one and write it down in some safe paper/place… That’s easy to get info about what system/ip you r using, maybe the person use the same method to get it, but he/she never get in to your computer. I recommend you to scan your system for possible Virus/Trojan just in case and DO NOT login in other page, log directly to the main login web site ex: do not follow links that get you to login again…

Comodo firewall protect you for possible attack, to understand firewall behavior require time… (R)

thanks for all of your help thanks a lot just a very last question what shell i do if I get hacked???

if you got hacked (this mean your computer) is possible that you have virus/Trojan, need to update the windows or any software that connect to the internet. Keep your system updated all the time and don’t click on links that you don’t know… make sure if you have virus/Trojan and you use the internet to pay bills, buy online using your credit card. I recommend you to change those password, monitor you credit card activity ect…

if you have any other question, just let us know…

got all the information I need thx for the help (R)