Got AVG as system app, do I need to uninstall it before installing Comodo ?

I’m asking because from

it looks like in order to uninstall AVG I need to root my device which is something I’m not familiar with or happy about, plus I’d need to install another app just to uninstall AVG.
Perhaps disabling AVG rather than uninstalling it is sufficient in order to install Comodo ?
Or perhaps Comodo installer will take care of uninstalling or disabling AVG by itself ?

Comodo CMS won’t uninstall AVG. You could try to disable it completely first. Make sure it is unchecked under Device Administrator.
To remove AVG, you must root your phone, and use rooted file manager such as Root Explorer.
You really have no choice if you wish to remove the app.
On the upside, a rooted phone allows you to do much more with it than otherwise possible,including customization.

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