Got Accused and laughed about it

Hi all, just something I found hilarious and I think Melih may as well. One, I used to spend time on the Gimp forum, now, there are a really great group of people there, truly they are. However, don’t you always get the one in every crowd? It seems his accusation was that of my GUI being a fraud , a fake , a copy…He claims I took a screenshot of CPF 3 . Obviously, those who have any knowledge of Comodo, know , THERE IS NO CPF 3! yet.

Hmm, paul then up top then how come it is a working program. you probly just screenshotted it.

Just quick explanation, before my images dissapeared using image OX, I had this as first post and they claim it worked before! I would suppose a png wouldn’t be a good firewall but could be wrong! :smiley:

I’ll include it just because. Aowl, you should remember this…



Yes, I remember that GUI you created. It certainly isn’t a screen shot. In fact, I seem to remember that you created quiet a few of them.

Wow, they must be quite smart to get a png to work as a firewall… ;D
Maybe they are just used to WinXP firewall… your png is probably as good as XP’s firewall…
Maybe I should post the skin I made… they might compare it to ZA… :wink:

Kail \Aowl

Yeah, lolllll. Png as good as Winxp firewall, lolllllllllllll. I like that one . :smiley: So, i’ll let Melih know to use my PNG for the next generation of CFP… If he gets complaints that it’s using CPU, then i’d be shocked, lollll.