Google Toolbar false positive (strike 2)

There is again a problem about the Google Toolbar. Google Toolbar creates a temporary file but there is a possible malware inside.

My original FP: Google Toolbar - False positive detection at
Last test with CIS: 03:51 am on october 30th, 2009
Virus database: 2777

For now, the actual problem is like this:

False positive filename: gt30CF.tmp
Name of the FP: Heur.Suspicious[at]70862321
Website of the program: Install Google Toolbar - Toolbar Help
CIS database: 2777


Hi superbabouche,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.We will check the problem and get back to you shortly.


Hello superbabouche,

The reported FP has been fixed.You can update to AV database 2782 of Comodo Internet Security Version 3.12.111745.560 and confirm it.

Best regards,