Google to share information with NSA.. Privacy online does it exist?

What information do Google have?? Usually information about close to all pages people visit (there by its possible to find out interests and such) google gets this info by using cookies and by you choosing to use their search engine or youtube. Emails (if you use gmail, or send to a gmail account), key-logging (all the google chrome users gets keylogged, those using Google tool-bar and “similar” stuff, google gets what you type despite you isn’t sending it…). “Google Docs and Spreadsheets” witch allows google to possible see your work documents and such… Google Earth (Images where you live)…

As been said, privacy online doesn’t exist to normal people… But why complain? People share information about who’s their partner online, multiple pictures of them self, sharing info about anything they like/dislike by joining different groups, stuff such as religion, political view is shared, Where they at, where they are going, what they are doing, information about all their friends… I’m talking ofc about facebook…

There are ofc ways to be unidentifiable, but what do you people think? Privacy online, does it matter?? Is it ok that google starts sharing info with NSA to “improve security”? Or should google get the expertise some other way, after all they probably can afford it… 8) :slight_smile: Personally I don’t care that much about online privacy… I mostly watch p*rn anyway (and not of the wierd kind…).

I wrote a Post about privacy ages ago but no one replied, so i gathered no cared about their online privacy.

Personally, I do, which is why I don’t use any of the “social (spying) networking” sites, I never give out any real information about me or my family, I don’t maintain any browser history or any cookies, I always use (browser plugins here ) as my search engine, there are alternatives, for for firefox anyway:

It’s also a good idea to have a look at what information Google have on your habirts, at least what they’ll admit to:

Select the Dashboard option on the left.

Although I do have a Gmail account, which is used for junk, I personally wouldn’t use any of their other services or products. Google aside, there are plenty of others who like to try and profile us by following us around the Internet.

Just remember, next time you make an entry on your social web site of choice, it may well come back to bite you, as more and more potential employers are now collecting this information on prospective candidates.

If you think this is paranoia, just ask yourself if your happy to have someone looking over your shoulder every time you go on line, regardless if your activities are completely innocent or totally nefarious.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to post some services that do respect your on-line privacy in this thread. Here are a few search engines to start with:

Yauba and Ixquick also provide proxy services (with every search result) to protect your privacy even more.

I recently come across some info about browser fingerprinting.
It might be less relevant than IP tracking, ID cookies, etc. but I found it to be an interesting reading.

Is it possible to defend against browser fingerprinting?
Panopticlick’s Browser fingerprinting Test
A Primer on Information Theory and Privacy

Interesting selection of search engines, you can find search plug-ins for firefox and IE8, for some of these, at least, at

One point, has a facebook tracker on their site.

With this add-on for Firefox, you can add any search engine to the search bar.

Indeed, it’s similar to the search plug-ins at mycroft, with those you simply go to the site, find the specific customisation you require and click the link. The entry is added to your searchplugins folder in your Mozilla profile and are available from the drop down list.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that unless you change the defaults in firefox, whenever you type something in the address bar that is not recognised, you get a google search page. This can be changed, either via about:config or by creating a user.js in your profile folder and adding an entry.

For example, to prevent a link to google, I have the following in my user.js;

user_pref(“keyword.URL”, “”);

I wrote a Post about privacy ages ago but no one replied, so i gathered no cared about their online privacy.

Sad but true. It always gets me that people install a load of applications that purport to protect their security, yet the very same people provide all their personal details to places like face(i will give your information to everyone)book and all the other idiot sites of a similar disposition.

Just remember, next time you make an entry on your social web site of choice, it may well come back to bite you,

Watch the bbc program Virtual revolution program 2

Ya… People don’t know better. I have this teacher on my msn and she and I got into talk about politics she said she was going to vote at party that wants to work for a “free Internet” because she dislike that FRA (a swedish agency) is logging Internet traffic, she finds that privacy intruding. While she is at the same time blogging and having a facebook sharing all sorts of private stuff.

And she is a fkin teacher, she should know better… But no… I told her that she is selling her ass out on facebook, a day later she was “gone” from facebook… ;D Just lol… 88)