Google talk UDP In not logged and private IP address logging

I have COMODO V3 installed
Brief description of system windows Xp sp3
Default configuration no change in system services
Internet connection type ADSL router broadband
Generally uses as limited user.
Avast 4.8 home AV standard resident protection is used no other security products.
avast was disabled before installing comodo
No security product disabled after installing comodo

Problem description

I have google talk installed and logging enabled for inbound and outbound connections. When i use google talk to make voice calls there is a UDP In connection from remote computer which is visible in "view active connection "
but in log file this UDP In connection is not logged

second when i see the log file for connection attempts by google talk I see connection attempts from my private Ip address 192.168.x.x to google server when the internet connection is alive and vioce call is terminated and restarted.
My private IP should never be logged in log file when connected to internet, is it error on part of google or comodo s interpretation of packets.

Application rule for googletalk are like this

Allow Outgoing TCP or UDP request
Allow and log TCP or UDP In from IP any to In[loopback ] source port any dest any
Allow and log TCP or UDP In from IP any to Any where sorce port is any and dest port is 1024 - 65535
Block and log all unmatching request.

whereas Global rules are of nature

Allow IP out any any any any
Allow nad log In IP any to In[loopback] any any
Allow and log TCP or UDP In from IP any to any source port any dest port is 1024-65535
Block and log all unmatching request

I am also inserting two screen shots also which shows the Rules

sorry will post it later ,dont have account on image server.

I am attaching report generated by script in this post this script was generated when lan was active but not connected to internet

It appears that comodo is not logging Inbound connection for googletalk and my private IP is logged in log file for oubound connection attempt which is bit strange.

Right sir disclosing Privaye IP does not poses any threat ,same can be said about public Ip as they are also dynamically assigned.

The problem of logging INbound connection attemt in googletalk is resolved by updating the CFP 3.0

however still the Private IP is logged sometimes I will post the screen shot when when i will take them soon

thanks for helping