Google redirect virus help

I’ve stumbled on some really bad troj/mal/virus. in the past few days. my computer says im clean (via malwarebytes/comodo/SAS/bit defender/CCleaner) but yet i still have the google redirect virus. and since i use comdo im hoping someone here can help!

Is it just one site redirecting you. If so it may be on that site, not on your PC. I found a site once I could not get to via google. going straight there was fine.

No. tis not google itself. ( i am pro googler if thats even possible) but it is indeed a infest. many people have it. but any link i click off a google search is sent to a spam/nonrelated site.98% of the time. nothing is picking this guy up and im really annoyed at having to click the same link XXX amount of times or copying and pasting the link manually. i just ran combofix. didn’t fix it (trying to get help via techspot forums. which isn’t looking good) i can’t live with a faulty google lol. googles my go to guy for everything. if you don’t know antything about this google effect google it :THNK “google redirect virus”

thanks for your thought tho :smiley: i was nervous that this forum was dead.

also mcafee wont delete XD lmao there is no hope for this lol

Have you tried drweb its quite good

Try the following link:

Sounds like you may have a variation of ‘CoolWebSearch’. The above link will help remove it.

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i did your scan with cwsredder. but for some reason (almost all my apps) show a img icon top left of their display. which doesn’t so me the picture. so there is 3 buttons at the end of cwsredder know what the 1,2,3 are? the file it comes up with is cws.msconfig

ill try drweb. lol couldn’t hurt ive spent 12hrs so far trying to fix this and i think now if something aside from the google thing. i can tank it for sure

i attempted to sign up. but since my computer has been infested with in the last week i don’t feel typing my address/areacode/ect. is safe. :\

u can register using some other pc if you like…