Google pressuring update.

I don’t know exactly how long it has been this way as I haven’t looked for extensions for a few weeks, but the extensions page is now the “Chrome Web Store” and it has a large, you need to update message…

This could potentially cause a lot of confusion for Dragon users.

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Thats very weird?

I went here and it didn’t redirect me at all to the store?



Yes, that link works fine. Where do you get sent if you click on the wrench in the Dragon toolbar, then go to Tools → Extensions, and clicking the Get more extensions link?

That’s how I ended up in the web store, but that’s a new result. It used to just send you to the extensions page.

Very True! I did get redirected to the web store.

Chrome Web Store 88)

Now that’s very bizzarre! :o

Jacob gets the same redirect I do, but JoWa does not. :-\

What Version are you running HeffeD?


I don’t get the re-direct either. Maybe because I don’t have any extensions installed anyway. I click on the “browse the gallery” link and it takes me to the usual Google extensions page. Btw, I’m running (stable).


EDIT: The “Get more extensions >>” link also works having extensions already installed (same link as above).

No redirect for me either. Running

EDIT: Congratulations Heffed on becoming a mod :-TU when did this happen??

I’m running

Today. Our little baby’s growing up. :smiley: :wink:

Thanks! Yep, just happened today. :slight_smile:

That is weird! ??? Not bothering with extensions myself.