Google OS

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The only reason Google made the announcement of ‘chrome os’ this week was for ‘one-up manship’ against MS. Ms have been saying for sometime they will announce something important on the 13th.

Silly games.

So Google OS is gonna knacker Linux and strengthen the dominance of MS?

Fingers crossed it will be the other way around :wink:

The only thing ‘Chrome OS’ offers is cloud computing. Personally I don’t have, or expect to have, any time soon, the bandwidth to do everything in the ‘cloud’

I’m sure it might be cool for companies that don’t maintain an IT infrastructure, so it could ease their expenditure

Don’t forget, good or bad, a lot of f100 companies are using MS. MS has Azure in the pipe…

That is one World I do NOT want to enter… :o

Sends chills down my spine, “Cloud O/S”.

I wonder what the T & C will be like…

[b]Terms and Conditions:

Your PC is our PC. Your Data is ours now! We OWN everything you try to think of! We are watching you, FOREVER! Mwaahahahahaaaarh’! >:-D

We will change these Terms and Conditions when ever we feel like it, as well as anything you see (or think you see ;)) on the Internet!

Welcome to Google Skynet Research.[/b]

Having an operating system in the cloud sounds silly…

Yes it does, but Its not really an OS as such, it’s a means to access your applications, from anywhere at any time.

Personally I like my things local, I have no need for accessing something from different locations. For some, this is a panacea.

I think it’s also a privacy thing. Using some web store thing to place ones documents, regardless of what ever safeguards these companies proclaim, is, to my mind, unsafe.

By using Chrome OS, your privacy isn’t guaranteed, because it stores your information and data in another server that isn’t your own (If the server is yours, it doesn’t matter! ;D ).

But I praised Chrome OS on its best security. Until now there’s no hacker can do with it.

About the article, I disagree if Chrome OS threaten Linux popularity.

But, I suggest you not to use it. Use Linux ! :-TU

I think, after delving further, ‘Cloud Computing’ is nothing more than; handing over your Data and recieving Adverts to minipulate your Mind and take your Money; gradually Control you: The Adverts are based on your Data…

[ Video #1 ]

[ Video #2 ]

… If a single Company (like Google) had access to EVERYONE’s PC and Data (which is more than Microsoft do), they ‘could’ use advanced AI algorithms to squeeze maximum amounts of Money out of almost EVERYONE, automatically: Adverts could be the first steps in Controlling your ‘Reality’.

I think, in the future, your PC (if it’s not already) will become an extension of your Brain…

Imagine it like this:

Your entire Human Brain will be classed as your ‘Subjective Brain’, your PC will be classed as your ‘Logical Brain’…

[ Video ]

… Giving someone (any 3rd Party) complete Control of your PC/Data is, IMO, a big ‘no no’. No matter how ‘Secure’ it may seem.

It may seem as though I’m ‘Google Bashing’, though I am actually ‘Bashing’ every Company that offers ‘Cloud Computing’; of which the Data isn’t ‘Encrypted’.

Or, every Company that offers ‘Cloud Computing’; of which the Data is ‘Encrypted’, but is also ‘Decryptable/Viewable’ by that Company. (If anyone tells you that they can offer you ‘Encrypted Cloud Computing’ that isn’t also ‘Decryptable/Viewable’ by that Company, they’re lieing; it’s impossible for any CPU to process ‘Encrypted Data’ without ‘Decrypting’ it.)

If you find it Convenient to store Private Data online, use only ‘Trusted’ Applications on your PC to create/manage/edit the Data, and ENCRYPT it before Uploading! This can be done automatically with Tools like ‘TrueCrypt and Dropbox’; there may be many others.

My advise would be; don’t use ‘Cloud Computing’ unless you are set up as ‘The Cloud’. As ‘taufik’ said…

Cloud O/S’s have the potential to become the ultimate BotNet or ‘Super Computer’ which isn’t Controlled by you.

Any more thoughts on the new OS from Google ? I’m sceptical :-\

Problem with the whole OS is the fact that you know that your files aren’t private anymore… I wonder what people will choose, Windows that CAN be private, but vulnerable, or Google, that 100% sure isn’t private but faster…


Another factor to consider is that Chrome OS will not run on just any hardware.

Google have published a set of reasonably restricitive hardware requirements. These requirements are designed to suit the OS and create a controlled environment.

My concern is that the requirements are designed to suit the OS and not the user. Yes, in doing so, they are ensuring the constancy and consistency of the OS and how the user interacts. Similarly, these requirements can and will limit what the user can do.

It’s taking the “P” (as in Personal) out of “PC”.

Hardware running the Chrome OS is not a PC, it’s just a C.

Ewen :slight_smile:

From what I’ve read so far it seems to me that the Chrome OS will face serious obstacles in being widely adopted and will probably never get past the stage of being used in portables. Most likely proprietary portables marketed by Google. I don’t trust Google with my private data and the only thing I use is the search engine.

I use Bing. :wink:

This is one of the reasons why i now use Bing.

Apparentlyyyyy We are meant to expect a BETA soon… Might just be rumor though.

Chrome OS will be very restrictive indeed. I can’t see why anyone would want to restrict themselves to run something like Chrome OS, even if the original plan is to use the device, probably a netbook, for browsing and emails only. Usually, there will be a need to install an application of sort at some stage.

If the issue is the price, then a netbook with a free OS (one of the many Linux flavour) will be a better choice.

Google OS is based off Linux :stuck_out_tongue:



^ 2nd link sounds rather restrictive, for open source software…