Google "Now" and "Hangout"


I was wondering if there is any way to prevent these starting with the browser as they appear to make it hang and be very slow to load initial pages. When I bring up Task Manager and end the processes these things seem to happen quicker. They do not appear in the list of extensions which can be disabled.

Hi dderrekk,
Please copy/paste the following line into the address bar and disable the highlighted option.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for that, I’ll see if it helps :slight_smile:


“Now” has been successfully disabled but “Hangout” is still causing a problem, can it be prevented from loading too?

Hi dderrekk,
I admit I know very little about ‘Hangouts’, but I thought it was installed as a 3rd party extension or program and not integrated into the browser.
Please check your extensions for anything related.
Also check for anything related in Windows ‘Programs and Features’.
Hangouts-Support Google

Apart from that, sorry I am not sure.

Kind regards.