Google mentions 3rd party solutions in explicit manner

Seems like Google has preferences in terms of malware detection.
Any thoughts on this one?


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It probably is useful for users with such problems to get an explicit suggestion. Recommending PrevX is a bit odd, as it has been discontinued.

Google also has a Software Removal Tool: Remove unwanted ads, pop-ups & malware - Computer - Google Chrome Help

BTW, here is the depicted page:

It looks like masked advertising to me. :slight_smile:

Advertisement of course :wink:

Most people will have difficulties finding a solution that works, is free, does not conflict with what they have already installed.

Saying only You can try using anti-virus software to scan for and remove malware, probably doesn’t help much. People may then end up having to pay for removal that is otherwise available for free, or installing some rogue software, or installing software that conflicts with their current security software. The result may be much worse problems than the initial one(s).

If the help now being provided resembles advertising, so be it. I guess Google will replace the current suggestions with their own Software Removal Tool when it’s out of beta. The page in question is currently very outdated. Prevx and Webroot merged in 2010, and the former Prevx SafeOnline is no more…

You are totally right, too @JoWa :-TU