Google Forcing Pop-up banner on Chromodo - offers their browser

Chromodo Ver 45. Windows 10, Ver 1511.

As you may be aware Google’s version of the Chrome browser will cease supporting Windows Xp and Windows Vista in April 2016.

That said, starting today using Chromodo 45, when visiting the main Google search page I get a black banner pop-down that stretches across the top of the page stating that the browser is out of date and needs to be updated to maintain security. Of course the link takes you to Google Chrome.

Foul Play on Google’s part. Unwitting users of Chromodo may not catch that this is Google pulling a shady trick.

I should note that this is not Google’s customary pop-up that offers their browser like when you visit their web pages using Firefox or Edge, etc. This is a completely new black, page-wide strip with white print that is coming up.

We are enjoying extra attention from google since we launched world’s most comprehensive Adblockers which includes Android adblockers…all for FREE…

Screenshot if anyone is interested. :slight_smile:

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Chromodo’s UA-string says “Chrome/45.0.2454.93” (and “Dragon/”), so Google does the right thing, telling you that you are using an old version of Chrome. And in reality, you are using an old version of Chromium. Chrome jumped from 45 to 46 in October last year.

My question is, why hasn’t Chromodo been updated to 46?