google et al multiple connections

I’ll start off by saying comodo is one top notch firewall.
Beats AVG by a long shot.

I specially love the section that shows the live connections. I use Firefox 3.5 as my main browser.
I have igoogle as my home page. But don’t always have it online. I’ve noticed many times that when I’m not on the google website, there are still multiple connections showing to google. I know this because I’ve plugged in the IP to the address bar and shows up.

Why does a website have a connection even though you’re not physically on the website?
Could this be coming from the temp internet files or what?
Any way of stopping these extra connections?

As I use verizon wireless constantly, I feel these connections are slowly eating into my usage allotment.

Since I installed comodo, it has picked up various trojans that have been dumped. It’s nice to know where they are and that they were quarantined. But I’d like to see comodo tell me WHERE it came from as well.
Maybe it came from an ad on a google. If you can do that, then we can fight back a little more.

Thanks for the greatest firewall!

Hi richardAZ,

Could be caused by multiple things, for example you use Firefox and it downloads it’s database for attack and web forgeries, or you have a default search engine set to google.

Which browser are you using?
What is your default search engine for that browser?

The connection list has a habit of holding connections longer in the list then they actually are, you can compare them to the command line tool netstat with the following command.

netstat -an | find /i “ESTAB”

If you issue this command you get a list with ESTABLISHED connections (active)
LISTENING connections are to be seen as a “service” listening where others can connect to/at.

Like a web server for example has a connection listening on port TCP 80 that’s where the browser defaults to if you use http://…