google error [merged thread]

Something odd has started to happen with Opera, while searching in google.

I made a search for hphosts, which is a HOSTS file, available in this domain hosts-file(dot)net (I switched the . with (dot) because of what I am getting as a result).

Anyway, the searches say that the web site may damage my system. Curious, I did more searches for Comodo, LinkScanner, Opera, AVG… All results say the same thing, that if I enter those domains, they may damage my system.

Anyone experiencing it?


Same here. Either Google has been hacked, or they’ve just done a big mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same thing here. Weird…

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Confirm, same here.

Here you go >>> Google confims the search mistake on their official blog.

Official Google Blog: "This site may harm your computer" on every search result?!?! <<

Things happen. No biggie. :wink:

Yea i agree, and I don’t even remember if something similar have happend before, but i don’t think so.
Some day has to be the first, even for Google! :■■■■

I was surprised how many topics on the web sprung after only half an hour. It just shows how much we depend on Google and how many people use it. :slight_smile:

Google is not working (:SAD)

I typed my google into my google space

and I read Google has an error.

I have to do more work to find what I need to learn
when people ask me a question
now I dont have an answer


Breaking News

The rumor is google had an error

so many people could not search for the porn
that they panicked and started to worry
searching for “how to get rich” were not working either

my google now is working