Google Earth

Hi all,

I can`t use Google Earth. Streaming is anyware from a few to twenty %. It never reached 100%.
Is here anybody who use Comodo and Google Earth?


Hi Krzysztof
I’ve been using google earth and comodo together for quite some time with no problems.
When did the problem start?
Are you on a lan or single pc?
Adsl or wireless?
Is anything showing in comodo logs?

Same here, the FW and GE working just fine on my computer.

Thanx for response.
Its single PC and adsl. I dont see anything interesting in logs.

When did the problem start?
Since I installed Comodo...


One information more.
When I close GE, I see in Process Explorer that googleearth.exe is still running.
With ZoneAlarm free or Windows FW everything works well.


I’ve been racking my brain on this one with not much luck.
“Streaming is anyware from a few to twenty %”.
I think this might be loading from your cache. Have you cleared the cache (google earth-options) to see what happens?
Is it actually logging in to the server.
I noticed you mentioned zone alarm. What was your removal method. It is not one of the easiest firewalls to remove all traces of.

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Still thinking :THNK