Google Earth trying access cfp.exe

Hi everyone. I’m fairly new to Comodo (only been a user for about 3 weeks) and I love the in depth protection offered. Much of the information presented by the firewall is new to me, but it’s prompted me to learn a lot of new things about how Windows works (XP - SP2 btw). While, at times I become confused, I very much appreciate all of this. OK, enough of the formalities.

As the title implies, I just installed Google Earth. I’m pretty sure it’s not a big deal, but when I ran the application, Comodo gave me an alert that it was trying to access cfp.exe. I’m sorry, I can’t remember the exact message that was given. I blocked the request and Google Earth still runs fine. This is the first program I’ve come across that has tried to access Comodo. So, now I’m wondering: why? is it normal? and with what other types of applications can I expect this?

Strange. Comodo actually just crashed and I had to restart the application. This is also a first.

No reason to have blocked it when Google Earth is a known trusted program. I use it all the time. What you were seeing was a normal D+ alert most liklely. Go tom D+\events and you can read your log. Also go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and see what your blocked and edit it to trusted.