Google Earth installer options

Or should I say, lack of options, when installing Google Earth 4.1.7087. I can’t even choose folder anymore, it installs to C:\Program Files\Google\Google Earth, which annoys me. It should be free of choice.

I have a strict policy: if I only have one program from a certain publisher, it should be directly in the Program Files folder (and without version number). If I have two or more programs from the same publisher, they should be gathered in the same folder, named by the publisher. So this Google Earth scenario would be OK if I had any other Google program, but I don’t.

Actually CPF suffers from the same problem if I’m not wrong; now it installs to C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall, I’d like to have it in C:\Program Files\Comodo Firewall Pro, as I in this very moment have no other software from Comodo. Put it up on the wish list months ago.

Not a big deal. Sorry for stealing your time, if you read this. Where I live we would call this a “developed country problem”… :wink:

Yes, this annoyed me too. I try to install everything to D:\Program Files* and Google wouldn’t even ask me.


So I’m not alone. I think the very basic options one should expect, is to chose folder, and where to put shortcuts.


Of late I’ve been trying the route of extracting to Sub-directory with Universal Extractor. It won’t work if the .exe uses MSI and some results are a bit strange, but a lot of utilities will function without installation.
For simple progs., ‘installation’ is often only an entry in the Start menu and a shortcut.
This method can avoid entries in the Registry.