Google DRM and sandboxed browser or Virtual Desktop

Hello all
I wish to view a program on the ITVHub here in the UK. I noticed from the ITVHub website
that to watch a program Google Widevine DRM is installed on the pc.
Since I do all that I possibly can to keep any form of DRM off my pc, as well as anything
Google I though about accessing the program through either Virtual Desktop or by running
the browser in the sandbox.
If I did either of the above, then would the DRM be removed after I close the sandboxed browser or
Virtual Desktop ?
From what I have seen, I believe that this may be the case, but would like confirmation or
not before I try it.

No you would need to run the reset containment task.

Thank you for your reply.
I thought that resetting the container would do the trick, thanks for confirming it.